Skull Lord


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The skull lord was a formidable undead creature that carried a powerful staff of bone. They were powerful spellcasters able to summon and command many types of lesser undead. Creatures of Betrayal. Infighting and treachery brought the skull lords into existence. The first of them appeared in the aftermath of Vecna’s bid to conquer the world of Greyhawk, after the vampire Kas betrayed Vecna and took his eye and hand. In the confusion resulting from this turn of events, Vecna’s warlords turned against each other, and the dark one’s plans were dashed. In a rage, Vecna gathered up his generals and captains and bound them in groups of three, fusing them into undead abominations cursed to fight among themselves for all time. Since the first skull lords were exiled into shadow, others have joined them, typically after being created from other leaders who betrayed their masters.

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