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A shoggoth is an intelligent, gelatinous blob that can reshape itself at will. Created by an elder race as servants, the shoggoths rebelled long ago and slew their masters without pity. Since that time, they’ve lived in isolated or desolate regions, devouring whatever they encounter and absorbing its flesh into their own amorphous, shifting forms. Constant Growth. When in a spherical form, a shoggoth’s mass is enough to have a 10- to 15-foot diameter, though this is just an average size. Shoggoths continue growing throughout their lives, though the eldest among them grow very slowly indeed, and some shoggoths may shrink from starvation if they deplete a territory of resources. Mutable Form. A shoggoth can form eyes, mouths, tentacles, and other appendages as needed, though it lacks the control to truly polymorph into another creature’s shape and hold it.

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