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Alone, no friends, survival; this is the life of a typical Sasquatch. These hairy, ape-like behemoths roam the wilds alone foraging and hunting for food, actively avoiding humanoids and other giant-kin. Sasquatches’ seclusiveness has made them legendary, and even sought out, by some humanoids, while others of the same race fear them due to their mysterious nature. Tortured Souls. Little is known about the Sasquatches, and even the elves know only a few details because those who can be sought out refuse to share them. All that is known is at one time the Sasquatches fled to the humanoids for aid, but they were terrified at the sudden explosion of these massive, furry immigrants. In response humans set out to drive them to extinction, this enforced in them the idea that humanoids are all aggressive and crooked, an idea that sticks with them to this day

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